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We love watching and talking tv, and while we try to cover everything, our passion lies in the more genre-related cable and streaming service shows. Every week we focus on analyzing key scenes, dissecting story arcs, critiquing characters, and pouring over the latest tv news for whats upcoming. 

New episodes are posted every Friday. If you share our passion for all things TV, tune in!

Oct 28, 2016

Holy cats! Did y'all see 'The Walking Dead'?!? I mean, yeah, we are gonna talk the new 'Black Mirror', how fantastic 'Dirk Gently' is, Randy's glee for 'My Crazy Ex Girlfriend', and more nutso theories for 'Westworld'... But that Walking Dead episode!! Tune in!

Oct 21, 2016

There are now so many DC comic book tv shows to discuss that we brought in our buddy Tim Doyle, artists and comics aficionado, to help us review. This week we discuss Gotham, Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. Oh, and, of course, Westworld. Tune in!

Oct 14, 2016

As we continue checking out all of the new shows, we are bummed to find so many uninspired and formulaic plots. But there are some great ones in the mix too. And one even has robots! Tune in!

Oct 8, 2016

Randy, Les and Kyle are venturing out on an epic journey from the east to the west as they tackle the new Netflix Marvel event, 'Luke Cage' as well as the debut of HBO's new successor to the 'Game of Thrones' dynasty, 'Westworld'. What did they think? Tune in and find out!