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We love watching and talking tv, and while we try to cover everything, our passion lies in the more genre-related cable and streaming service shows. Every week we focus on analyzing key scenes, dissecting story arcs, critiquing characters, and pouring over the latest tv news for whats upcoming. 

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Jan 18, 2024

🎙️ Welcome, TV Dudes listeners, to an extraordinary episode featuring the multi-talented Rib Hillis! 🌟

Rib plays the lead in the INSP Network historical drama series, "The Tall Tales of Jim Bridger". The series is airing now. Curious where to catch this compelling series? Head over to for all the details.

Known for his captivating roles in SyFy films such as "Piranhaconda" and "Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda," Rib's talents extend far beyond acting. From portraying Dr. Jake Marshak in the General Hospital spinoff "Port Charles" to co-writing, producing, and starring in the action-packed "Kill Shot," Rib Hillis is a true maestro of the entertainment world.

But that's not all – as a versatile host and designer, he took center stage on ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." And let's not forget his ventures into modeling, gracing the campaigns of top brands like Versace and Armani.

An actor, writer, producer, and the visionary behind Speed Merchant Productions, Rib Hillis is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Get ready for an insightful and engaging conversation as we explore the many facets of the one and only Rib Hillis! 🚀🎬