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We love watching and talking tv, and while we try to cover everything, our passion lies in the more genre-related cable and streaming service shows. Every week we focus on analyzing key scenes, dissecting story arcs, critiquing characters, and pouring over the latest tv news for whats upcoming. 

New episodes are posted every Friday. If you share our passion for all things TV, tune in!

Apr 30, 2018

This week, Les chats with Reeve Carney about his role as Dorian Grey on Penny Dreadful, his time on Broadway as Spider-Man, playing T-Swift's boyfriend, and his upcoming show on May 3rd at Check it...

Apr 27, 2018

Look, guys. We know. The MCU has been building to Infinity War for 10 years and that is what a lot of you are focused on this weekend. But, y'know what?!?!? The TV train don't stop for Iron Man. It don't stop for Cap. It certainly don't stop for Thanos! Because this week we are discussing the return of 'Westworld' &...

Apr 23, 2018

This week, Les talks with Mike Mitchell, best known as Randy from the Netflix series Love. They chat it up about Mike's time in the CBS page program, his audition for Love, and how a misunderstanding helped him land a dream job. Check it out!

Apr 20, 2018

This week, Les chats with William Jackson Harper, who plays Chidi Anagonye on NBC's The Good Place. They talk about everything from his Broadway debut, the secrecy behind the show, the doctrine of double effect, and more. Enjoy!

Apr 16, 2018

This week, Les talks to actor Lee Doud about his role as Jeff on the Dekkoo web series, "I'm Fine", his love for James Bond, and the recent piece he wrote for The Advocate. Enjoy!