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We love watching and talking tv, and while we try to cover everything, our passion lies in the more genre-related cable and streaming service shows. Every week we focus on analyzing key scenes, dissecting story arcs, critiquing characters, and pouring over the latest tv news for whats upcoming. 

New episodes are posted every Friday. If you share our passion for all things TV, tune in!

Mar 28, 2015

Greg and Grant meet up at The Nomad bar for a mini TV Dudes ep. They catch up on Better Call Saul and Justified. Tune in!

Mar 20, 2015

The one! The only. The great, almighty, surly and unstoppable Allison Murphy joins us this week! We discuss some of her favorite shows, including Danger 5, The Flash, Broad City, and Game of Thrones! Tune in!

Mar 13, 2015

Original programming is no longer beholden to the almighty cable and we are seeing more and more great content available outside of network and cable while those guys are now struggling to keep up. This week we are discussing HBO Now, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and House of Cards S3 on Netflix, Powers of PSN, and...

Mar 7, 2015

Parks and Rec has had it's series finale. Agent Carter just concluded season one. House of Cards has everyone binge-watching season 3. And a slew of new shows have popped up, including Last Man on Earth, The Odd Couple, and Battle Creek. And through it all the TV Dudes are there to check it all out and give our...